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Get more customers to your local and online store without spending a minute on social media and online marketing.

Save time and focus on what's important — making your customers happy — while Local Promo takes online promotion off your back.

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    Minimum Sweat

    Smooth and pain-free process bottom to top; effective marketing without hassle.
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    Territorial Exclusivity

    Get more advantage over your competition by blocking them from our service.
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    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    You're satisfied with our service, or your money back, no questions asked.

    We Get It

    You just want to do your business, earn money and make your customers happy, and then go home and spend time the way you love to. And that would be possible, if only marketing wasn't so hard and complicated as it is today.
    So instead of spending your free time in a light mood, the way you want to, you have to put in more work to promote your business, and do it day by day, over and over.

    Marketing's a pain, isn't it?

    But right now, right here, you have a chance to change that.

    You can go for the classic grind:

    If you close this page and go for the "I'll handle it myself" approach, chances are you'll work your usual hours, and then sacrifice a good part of your free time to:
    » Manage your social media pages (Facebook, Yelp, etc.)
    » Write and post your marketing content
    » Make your own ads, launches and promos
    And then go to sleep, hope it all works out (which it might not), and wake up thinking "do I have to this today all over?".
    And wait a while (maybe even a few years) till you get where you want to be in business, and enjoy a quiet afternoon the way you want to.