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Integrated communication and
marketing agency

Increases your business
with a complete path of consulting,
branding, advertising, web,
social and digital strategies

Convey with style

EGO55 is a creative communication agency established in Matera, specialising in strategic corporate communication, integrated, innovative, digitalised. It develops branding and marketing projects for your business paying specific attention to style, design, and perception of your product or service. Study, analysis, research and focusing to build the identity and the communication of your business, in order to state the perception of your brand for an effective presence on the market. EGO55 uses new lead generation and on-line promotion techniques trough customised and measurable projects for on-line sales.
Under the careful artistic direction of our senior graphic designer Gianni Andrulli, EGO55 creates distinction, success and innovation for your company. It meets your need to develop your business with concrete results. It’s the integrated communication agency – for graphic design, web and marketing – that will give you what you have always wanted for your business.

Why will you choose EGO55?
Because we love good ideas, ambitious clients and hard challenges. Because we are not the best, but we are different. Because we know what we do, how we do it, what you are looking for and how to satisfy your needs. Because we can say NO. Because we know the rules and how to break them. Because we cost a lot, but never too much. Because we want to win, like you. And we know how to do it.


The hallmark of your corporate identity to increase brand perception

The study, the design and implementation of brand logos and the coordinated image of your new company, your products / services. Your sign, your logo, your support for everyday communication.


Developing your web projects and customs to transform visitors into customers.

Consulting, planning, design and realisation of complete websites, upgradeable, customised, integrated with social media, measurable through performance. Websites, sales management software, web applications.


Selling your products online to reach new markets and increase the volume of business

Design, consulting and implementation for online sales strategies, projects and online stores, e-commerce, integration with sales management softwares and liaison with the main marketplaces (eBay, Amazon, etc.).


Focusing strategies, brand positioning and qualified lead generation for your business

PPC campaigns, SEO, SEM. Direct marketing strategies for your products/services using all channels (AdWords, YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.) to track down your target audience and change them into loyal customers.

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